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New member

22, September

We start the season with more desire and strength than ever! After months of not being able to get on the stage for the protection measures against the covid19, we feel full of energy, renewed and prepared for new challenges.

In fact, we would like to share with all of you how excited it makes us to start a new stage with the incorporation of a new member: the flutist André Cebrián.

We are incredibly enthusiastic, very happy and excited about everything we can live and learn together from now on.

So we want to send a big hug to our friend Frederic Sánchez, that after 10 years of endless concerts, rehearsals, travels and hours and hours together has decided to take another road and says goodbye to Azahar Ensemble. It will undoubtedly be a decade that will always accompany us. Thank you, Frederic, for your good humor, your energy and your valuable dedication. We wish you and your family all the best!