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03, October

Information about our concerts in October

Azahar Ensemble gets back to work!!!

We come back to Germany this October in order to play 3 concerts. For these concerts we have chosen a piece that is particularly special for us: the Quintet in B minor op. 99 Nr. 5 by Anton Reicha.  This was the first quintet we played as an ensemble and, therefore, the first piece we worked with our teacher Sergio Azzolini.

For those who doesn't know the figure of Reicha, we can tell you that he is considered the "father" of the woodwind quintet as an independent musical genre. This is normal, after he composed 25 quintets! He was also a boyhood friend of Beethoven and student of Haydn!! But this is not all! He was also teacher of Berlioz, César Frank and Gounod. 

The Quintet by Giya Kancheli will be also played. This was the commissioned piece by the 63rd ARD International Competition Munich and it is a piece that evokes us a dream; but a dream that keeps on changing without letting any of the actions arrive to an end. Kancheli is a georgian composer with a minimalistic and romantic style who is well known for his film music. 

In the second half we will premiere the arrangement that José Luís Turina dedicated to us of the piece by his grandfather - Joaquín Turina - "La Oración del Torero" (The Bullfighter's Prayer), original for string quartet. This a work of the spanish impressionsim.

The Quintet in A Major by the danish composer Carl Nielsen will be the piece with what we will conclude our concerts. This is a masterpiece of the woodwind quintet repertoire. 

The first concert will be on 9th October in Bruchsal, in the chamber music cycle "Bruchsaler Schlosskonzerte". This concert will be recorded by the german radio SWR2. 

After 4 hours travel by car we will arrive to Lindau, german city that shares the Constanza lake with Switzerland and Liechtenstein. At 19:30h on October 10th we will begin our concert in the Theater Lindau

We hope that we don't fell asleep! On October 11th early morning we fly to Cologne from Zürich, and the plane is not going to wait for us! In Cologne we will play in the Chamber Music Hall of the german radio Deutschlandfunk , that will record our concert. The concert will be broadcasted on 7th November at 21:05h.

If you come to any of the concerts, come to say hi after it ends!!

Hug to everyone!